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A healthy diet plan, which comprises of all the essential nutrients necessary for the growth and maintenance of our body, will be termed as a healthy diet. Necessary elements of a healthy diet plan are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, roughage and water. A healthy diet contains the proper proportion of food necessary to maintain a good health. Healthy diet is basically a good nutrition.


Our culture states that meals consist of some liquid, preparations that can be cold or hot, salty or sweet. A meal can be completely nutritious as they must contain the following components.


1. Proteins


Protein can be derived from dairy or meat and its by-products, eggs or in the case of vegetarians, legumes.


2. Hydrates or cereals


Hydrates or cereals can be provided by bread, cookies, breakfast cereal, flour and by-products, pastes or others.


3. Good fats


You can derive good fats from olive oil, olives, nuts or avocado, as well as blue fish.


4. Liquids


We can obtain liquid preferably from water or other beverages such as milk, coffee, tea and natural juices.


5. Vitamins and minerals


Vitamins and minerals can be provided by different foods, although a good way to add micronutrients is to incorporate fruits and / or vegetables to the meals of our menu.

There are endless ways to follow and consume a healthy diet. Just discover the right type of nutritious food you want to consume and include it in your personal healthy diet plan. However, just forming a diet plan and following it occasionally won’t help, you will have to turn your diet plan into a healthy habit if you want to witness the desired results.

In case you are still confused with your diet plan and unsure of what to eat then you should consult a personal nutritionist, who will guide and provide you with a perfectly curated diet plan as per your health and body and will lead you towards your fitness objectives.


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Source: http://fitpass.co.in/dietitians