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Get your life in order through Fitness with discipline! Be all you can be! Stay healthy stays strong live right! Fitness with discipline is something everyone should take time to build in to their lives as a matter of course, the benefits, physically and mentally of living in a and healthy body are immeasurable, your happiness will increase, so will your productivity.


The beauty of fitness is the simplicity of it. In contrast to all the stuff out there trying to complicate things and telling you all the stuff you need to have to get fit, there are only two main components to fitness: Diet & Exercise


 Diet


“What You Put In Your Body”
Good health comes by following proper healthy practices. Eating habits can definitely make a person healthier. Proper exercise with healthy sleep and healthy nutritious food makes your life amazing and energetic. Following a healthy diet plan with healthy food is the most important protocol to lead a healthy life. Eating or following a healthy diet plan on a regular basis can enhance your energy, wellness and prevent you from catching certain diseases, because a healthy food diet gives you all the necessary nutrients and benefits required to maintain a fit body.


A healthy diet plan, which comprises of all the essential nutrients necessary for the growth and maintenance of our body, will be termed as a healthy diet. Necessary elements of a healthy diet plan are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, roughage and water.


 Exercise

“What You Do With Your Body”

Working out makes you feel good, and are a great stress buster after a hectic day at the office. Working out releases endorphins in your brain which is a hormone that fights stress and makes you feel happy. Moreover, it keeps you fit to stay on top of your life every day of every month.


Doing exercise on a regular basis can make you feel good and totally boost your self-esteem. It’s an achievement when you step on the scales and see that you and you alone were responsible for your fitness.


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Source: http://fitpass.co.in/blog/make-yourself-healthy-and-fit-by-following-a-healthy-diet-plan