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Celebrate A Fit Mother’s Day

The unconditional love that a mother gives to her child can never come from any other relationship. The idea of setting aside Mother’s Day is to celebrate your mother. It’s a day when you should attempt to put a continuous smile on her face.


Fitness is a quality which makes people feel empowered. If you’ve got an active fitness enthusiast mother or you know one, gift her a present suiting her lifestyle. The biggest reward with a present like this is that she’s more likely to use them. Whether she prefers to spend her time outdoors, or doing her favourite tree pose or practising Pilates with her group gift her the present of health and wellness this Mother’s Day.


While our moms will engage in workouts that differ from her kids or younger adults, no one wants to be told that they can’t do something, or a certain move is inappropriate for them. The options for workout activity are virtually limitless for your mother. Give her the chance to whatever sheenjoys most. Because this is a nice way to keep things fresh and fun and prevent feeling burned out or bored. Some great activities for your mother are:



Aerobic exercise refers to exercise that requires the consumption of substantially more oxygen than at rest. It is of a light to moderate intensity and can be undertaken for a prolonged duration without excessive fatigue. Get your mother in the groove and sign her up on FITPASS so she can dance her way to health with her friends with Aerobics.



Swimming has long been called the perfect workout. After all, your mom can get all the benefits of an aerobic workout without any damage on her joints. There is no fancy equipment needed just the deep blue water. Swimming helps burn 300 to 500 calories an hour.


• Yoga

Get your mom to try yoga and see what it can do for her. Yoga will help your mom achieve momentary relaxation and a healthy lifestyle. Meditation and pranayama are one of the most primary, simple, and effective techniques of yoga which can help you to get rid of your daily accumulated stress to keep her body and mind relaxed.



No matter which age group shebelongs to, Zumba has its own style for mothers of all age groups, specifically designed as per her comfort. Dancing to the beat of Latin music, Zumba will help your mother to stay fit and keep her active.


Gift your Mother FITPASS and give her the freedom to explore over 100,000 different workout options in over 1700+ gyms and fitness studios. So, HURRY! Get fit with just a tap download the FITPASS APP! Use a code “MOMFIT” and get Rs. 300 OFF on any FITPASS membership and make her a super fit mom.

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